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TECH-5 is a powerful and legal pro-anabolic performance stack. Combining specific highly refined plant sterols and 5-DHEA, we have developed an anabolic without steroid status. This synergistic blend works by increasing protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in much the same way steroids do, but without negative side effects. No other legal supplement compares with the results you will experience from using TECH-5.

TECH-5 creates mass gains using effective pro-anabolic pathways. 5a-Hydroxy-Laxogenin and 20- Beta-Ecdysterone work together using RNA and DNA transcription as a signaling agent to support pro-anabolism. These natural compounds increase protein synthesis, lower cortisol levels, and assist in tissue repair.

TECH-5 will stimulate your muscle ARs and allow for enhanced protein synthesis. 25r-4 Spirosten-3b, 6b-diol and 25r-5-Alpha-Spirostan-6-one-3b-ol have been added for an even greater anabolic result. Free testosterone levels increase as they bind to SHBG. LH/FSH increases to maximize the output of natural testosterone levels. Glycogen retention increases. Internal hydration levels optimize. Superior protein synthesis is supported through modulation of transcription factors. Even beyond all that, TECH-5 will support the recovery of the neuromuscular matrix.

TECH-5 safely enhances sub-optimal levels of select hormones. 5-DHEA is a legal hormone used for slowing aging, increasing muscle mass, strength, and energy. It has been added for its synergistic ability to boost well-being and sexual drive without suppressing your natural hormone levels.