The new re-loaded and re-vamped BUMP V2 is here!

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The new re-loaded and re-vamped BUMP V2 is here! Check out some of the ingredients below that set this Bad Boy apart from the rest of the fitness industry!!!

  • Mind Boggling Pump
  • Tunnel Like Vision
  • Superior Concentration
  • Supreme Strength
  • 45 servings (1 scoop per serving)

HICA Calcium
During resistance training, HICA Calcium has been shown to reduce muscle catabolism, promote fat loss, increase strength and fat-free mass in athletic and nonathletic populations.

Despite the well-known benefits of Dendrobium to traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, it remained virtually unknown to the bodybuilding industry. Dendrobium acts as a central nervous system stimulant. When combined with its analgesic properties, and the mood lifting effects, Dendrobium makes a very attractive ingredient for use in pre workout supplements to help you train harder, or in fat burners to ramp your metabolism and help you stay positive.

Pikatropin, perhaps better known as pikamilon, is a cognitive enhancer (a derivative of GABA and niacin) that promotes greater blood flow to the brain and reduces mental fatigue. Pikatropin is able to enhance cognitive and analytical function as well as performance.

A molecule that is similar to Ephedrine in mechanism, but less potent. Synephrine appears to be a less potent fat-burner relative to Ephedrine.

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