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Sharon Polsky's Unleashed Weight Loss Program



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The Sharon's "Unleashed" Weight Loss Program is a one stop shop for a complete health and wellness overhaul. This program contains Meal Plans for both men and women, grocery lists, restaurant strategies, steps for success, meal planning ideas, recipes and workout plans. I am an authority on Whole Food eating and I develop programs to help combat hunger and food addiction. For the first time in your life you can take control of your nutrition without eating a fake foods, deprivation and feeling hunger all the time.

The Sharon’s “Unleashed’ Weight Loss Program is a plan that you can eat for the rest of your life. It is not a diet although it is very effective. As a result of learning to truly eat healthy you will have the body you’ve always wanted. For the first time ever you will gain a healthy eating lifestyle. So ask yourself this... “Will I eat like this when I am 90 years old”... If you can not say yes then you are on a diet and I assure you that you CAN say yes with the Sharon’s “Unleashed” Program.

Sharon’s “Unleashed” Program is designed as a 6 week program. It is specifically designed to manage both your body and brain chemistry. You will see that specific foods are combined to ensure your success.

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