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Krack | 90 Capsules



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Boss Sports Nutrition presents:


"Krack" is designed to accelerate an intense thermogenic effect by raising body temperature by 2 degrees and ramping up thermogenic fat burning by 10%!

This unique fat burner also activates receptors in the brain, triggering the release of adrenaline which increases the thermogenic effect to higher levels.

"Krack" utilizes caffeine to prolong the thermogenic effect and increase metabolism by sustaining elevated fat burning levels.

"Krack" also has an anorectic, or appetite suppressant effect. This makes it a multi-faceted product that attacks weight loss from multiple angles. Aids in suppressing appetite (reducing calorie intake), while burning off the existing fat (thermogenesis) and finally since it has a stimulant effect it offers higher adrenaline and noradrenaline levels resulting in increased aerobic exercise performance and less fatigue.

  • Prolonged Euphoric Energy
  • Enhanced Focus
  • Amplified Fat Burning
  • Rapid Weight Loss
  • Increased Caloric Combustion

    Serving size is 1 capsule. 

    NEVER EXCEED 2 pills in a 24 hour period!!!

    ****We can not ship to Germany because of customs issues****

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